Let's improve horse welfare globally

As an entrepreneur in the equine industry, your goal is to make this world a little better. Whether this is because of your therapies, massages, lessons or perfectly-fitting horseshoes. You want to make an impact and be able to make a living from your equine business.

As an international equine business coach, but mostly as a horselover myself, I get all excited about that. At the same time I know all the pros and cons of the equine industry and therefore I am going to help you create the equine business of your dreams. 

A successful equine business is your dream, but how you'll get there feels like a mystery.

You started (or you want to start) with your equine business because working with horses is your passion. You know that you are capable of helping horses and their owners and there is nothing else you'd rather do.

But you know that being great at what you're doing is not enough in order for you to have a successful business and to have a consistent flow of customers.

Growing your business feels hard. Everywhere you go you'll hear things that you should be doing, but you feel resistance. You want to run your business in a way that feels right for you. But how?

You already follow inspiring people on Instagram, you participate in some programs every now and then and you download freebies of different coaches. Because you know what you want.

But 'how'? That's still a mystery. Because of that it feels heavy and definitely not authentic. You notice that attracting customers is hard and that you have to put in a lot of effort in order for you to get some results. And this makes you doubt: "Is this really something for me?"

Review Susanne

Susanne Bos

Paard & Winst 🇳🇱

"The great thing about Mariska is that she has a lot of knowledge. Both in marketing and the underlying technology. Mariska helped me with the next steps that suits me and my business best.”

Review Esther

Esther Franssen

EFD Horses 🇳🇱

“What I really like is that Mariska knows how to make the connection between you as a person and your business. I have become much more aware of the value I have to offer and how I can use this for my business.”

Does it feel like…

Then it's time to act

I firmly believe that when you have a desire, it is not only for you but also that you can achieve it. The challenge lies only in finding YOUR way. The way that feels effortless to you. 

And guess what? That moment is now.

At the moment there is a movement going on in the equine industry, because everyone is looking at us. As a result, there is now more need for experts than ever. People who stand up for what they believe and who can express this powerfully.

That's why I want to encourage you to do this. To claim your spot, because I know you can do this. The equine industry is waiting for you, together with all the horses and owners who need you.


Is your company still at the beginning or are you looking for an in-depth training on a specific topic? Then this is for you. I have made a series of online training courses for you. Choose what you need and kickstart your business.

1:1 coaching

Building the business of your dreams isn't always easy. There are so many choices you can make and you don't have the time to make the wrong ones. Let me be your guide and help you realize the business of your dreams.

Review Chantal

Chantal van Delden

Bewuste Basis 🇳🇱

Mariska made me think, which allowed me to take concrete steps right away. My target audience and offer became clearer. Plus I suddenly see Mariska everywhere and I can see for myself that being visible works. This inspired me to be more visible myself and to show what I have to offer, who I am and why I do what I do.

Mariska is a very nice person, clear in her communication and professional. Mariska knows how to highlight your qualities in such a way that you can translate this into your own possibilities.”

Review Liesbeth

Liesbeth van der Lit

Knol & Lol 🇳🇱

“I came up with a name, registered it with the Chamber of Commerce, created a website and then… How do I get customers now? How can I get more exposure? Am I going to create a social media page? But how do I do that right? All these questions ran through my head.

During the strategy session I received answers to these questions and Mariska motivated me to get back to work. Mariska is a very friendly and enthusiastic person which is very motivating. She listens well and gives the right tips to help you get back to work.”

Enough talk, who is actually writing this?

That's me, Mariska and I'll tell you in this video why I'd like to help you. Why video? Well I think that gives you a much better impression of me than just a written text.

Play Video

Mary Beth Cerone

Toshiba 🇩🇪

“Our team hired Mariska as a designer for a transformation project. What really struck me about Mariska was all the other things she brought to the team in addition to her expertise..

She quickly built strong relationships within her team and contributed to all agile ceremonies to drive change and growth. She was not afraid to try something new and had many ideas about how to teach others and bring them along the transformation process.

Mariska is a skilled designer, and more than that, she is an agent of change and a strong asset to an organisation.

Review Emma

Emma Joye

Emma Joye 🇳🇱

“Not only did I enjoy my kickstart call with Mariska, I also found it very valuable. I myself struggle a lot with the imposter syndrome (the annoying thing of being an entrepreneur for me personally), and Mariska has already helped me with that.

She not only gave me valuable tips on how to communicate with my ideal client, but also gave me the motivation again to create new content. So I definitely thought it was a very positive experience and highly recommended for those who, just like me, are 'stuck' in the field of social media/personal branding. I am already excited for more!”

If you want to feel inspired, start listening to the podcast

Equine Online Podcast

There is a lot at stake when building a business. Even if you already have the basics, there is still a lot coming to you. It is a challenge to run a business. In my podcast I share my knowledge and tips with you on this topic.