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Turn your idea
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You have a dream, a goal, a plan or an idea. Something that makes you EXCITED, something that makes you think: everyone should know about this. But you are not (yet) taking action, because: “Where do you start? What if it doesn't work out? Maybe it won't be such a good idea."

I'm going to help you realize your plan, in fact: I'm going to help you make it a success.

You have a dream, a vision, a certain life in mind for yourself

You have a strong vision or you have an amazing idea in mind to help your customers. You want to add something unique to the horse riding lessons you're giving or you have a new form of treatment that makes you happy. Anyway: you get super excited about the idea or vision and you would rather have created it yesterday than today, but…

How would it feel if...

Ananja Jorritsma-Stehouwer

Effectief trainen 🇳🇱

“I had been thinking about receiving horses for training at my location for a number of years, but I had put off doing something with it. When I saw Mariska's coaching 'From Idea to Reality', I knew this would help me to finally take action.

Thanks to Mariska's coaching I now have a better idea of ​​my ideal client and I have actually researched whether there is a market for my service. Working with Mariska went very well and she is both critical and an encouraging supporter.

The combination of weekly coaching and quick feedback on my questions gave me the answer that I had a good idea and is also gave me a clear picture of what I had to do. My biggest insight is that not only do I deliver value to my customers, but it is also very valuable for me to start a conversation with my target group. I can also take this with me in the long term, thank you Mariska!”

Review Linda

Linda Hofman

Linda Hofman Training & Coaching 🇳🇱

Mariska is specialized in equine entrepreneurs, which is very nice because I was looking for someone who understands the equine industry. She is very good at what she does at and it is so nice that she is helping me position my business in the market. If you're facing this challenge too, let Mariska help you

Mary Beth Cerone

Toshiba 🇩🇪

She quickly built strong relationships within her team and contributed to all agile ceremonies to drive change and growth. She was not afraid to try something new and had many ideas about how to teach others and bring them along the transformation process.

You feel ready to put yourself and your dreams first. You feel ready to play big and work with people who are willing to invest in you.

But are you also ready to
work with me?

Because I am not an average coach. I can and want to help you with...

Getting results

I want you to get the results you want.


I looooove a good strategy. I will help you think of and set up a strategy that suits you, that feels GOOD. From online visibility to social media to masterclasses and more.


Having a strategy is nice, but it's not like 'put it online and it will work'. You have to analyze what is happening. You have to see what works and what doesn't. This way you can adjust the direction to achieve the desired results.


If you get a potential customer thanks to your optimized strategy, it's important to actually sell your product or service. Learn how to get a “YES” out of your customer without feeling like an annoying salesperson.


I can tell you everything, but what matters is whether you will actually use the information. I hold you accountable for your actions to keep you moving.

Support & feedback

Questions often arise when you start working on your goals. Don't worry, in addition to our coaching conversations, I'm available 24/5 to answer questions, give feedback and provide you with advice.

This is how we're going to do this

I will help you to let go of limiting beliefs and start building on your idea or vision. We'll work together for (at least) a month to make your vision a reality. By making a action plan with clear actions, I help you step by step to work towards your goal.

Week 1

Week 2, 3, & 4

Week 5

Renate Meerveld

PRDN Gedragstraining 🇳🇱

“Mariska has helped me enormously with her coaching named 'from Idea to Reality'. I ran into the problem that I was not able to reach my target audience well, I disappeared in my own head. Together with Mariska we have drawn up a concrete plan and I have become a lot wiser. Mariska managed to put me in action and I can also apply her advice in other situations. I really recommend Mariska!

André Hübscher

Toshiba 🇩🇪

"I worked together with Mariska in a “building up a mobile app” from the scratch project. It was amazing to see how professional she is working within the team and also to different stakeholders. She has strengthened the team tremendously with her UI/UX skills based on scientific data. The agile ceremonies with her were always well structured like the whole work. The most important thing is that she was always fun to work with."

1:1 coaching with me
is for you if...

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What do you say? Ready to
realize your plan?

I guide you in taking the right actions and draw up a simple but effective action plan with you in order to realize your goal.

Do you feel a 'yes'? Schedule a no-obligation call below. We will then discuss what you want to achieve and determine whether this is a good match for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions? Then send me a DM on Instagram or e-mail me directly

If everything worked out, what would you do? Ask yourself that. Doubt is often a lack of confidence. You may be doubting me, but you may also be doubting yourself. Especially with that last one: know that you are in control. The faster you go, the faster we go together. In case of the first: schedule a meeting with me and I will replace all that doubt with confidence.

That is determined by what you want develop. I'm not going to tell you how to run your business. After all, not everything works for everyone. I will guide you to find the right way for yourself, so that you can run your business in a way that is 100% right for you.

Feel free to send me a message and I'll take a look with you. I think honesty is very important. If I think I can't help you I'll let you know and see if I know someone else who is specialized in it.

For equine entrepreneurs.

If you have something to offer the equine industry in a positive way, I don't care whether you run a large company or just finished your studies. I help you in helping others, together we make the equine industry a little better. So yes, welcome.

If research shows that your target group doesn't like the idea, it will always show what they do like. I help you to pour your idea into the mold of the target group's wishes, so that it becomes a success.

Coaching is possible in both Dutch and English.

At our first meeting, before we even start, we discuss your idea. I can make a good estimate of the amount of time it will take to realize it. Usually you can achieve a lot in a month, but this completely depends on your own effort. Do I immediately think that a month is not enough? Then I will of course tell you that. You can then choose to purchase two months or more. If you have not reached the goal after the deadline, I will not leave you to your fate. We will discuss the future steps that you may take or we will choose an extension together.

When drawing up an action plan, we will talk about the action you can take to achieve results. I believe in teaching skills instead of taking the work off your hands. I want you to be able to continue on your own in the future, without being dependent on me. Do I see opportunities for you that I can execute? Of course I would do that.