Attract customers via Instagram without spending endless hours

Are you an equine entrepreneur with big goals, but little time? Do you like Instagram, but do you want to achieve results?

Then this course about attracting customers via Instagram is for you. In this course I will teach you how to use Instagram to attract followers who actually belong to your target group.

And don't worry, this won't cost you hours a day because I know that you'd rather spend your time with horses instead of endlessly scrolling through Instagram.

You can do this too. It's much simpler than you might think.

You are here for a reason. You are working on Instagram, but it is not giving you the results you would like. While you know that it should be possible.

You already have a foundation in Instagram, but you want more.

More valuable followers, more connection, more followers that convert into customers and above all: more fun.

On Instagram you'll find a lot of do's and don'ts about how to use Instagram, but the reality is that it often does not live up to its promise. This is frustrating and therefore you prefer to focus on your current customers. Because to be honest: that's going fine.

Yet something still doesn't feel right. You just don't know what to focus on or what you really need to do to make Instagram work for you. You don't want to feel like you're just doing something. You want to see results.

Let's make it happen

Because while you're doubting what to do, someone else is helping your customers.


Go for real connection on Instagram, so that you not only attract customers but you're also having fun.

Instagram has allowed me to make connections, collaborate and help customers in a way that fits me.

Before I went International with my company, I just messed around with Instagram. I saw around me the successes of others with Instagram and I didn't understand why I couldn't make that happen as well

After the switch to an international company, I decided to take a strategic approach and to look for a way that did work. Successfully. Within 1,5 week I welcomed 50+ new followers who fit perfectly into my target group, made connections in Australia, Italy, England and Canada. And the first collaborations were discussed.

A world opened up for me.

My target audience could suddenly find me.

At the same time, I also noticed how it collapsed if I didn't do anything about it myself. And then I hear you think: “But what did you do then?”. Let me state first that I was not approaching anyone 'cold'. I really hate it when people try to sell me something (without even looking at my profile).

When I started internationally, I started my business from scratch again. Especially in the beginning you have to actively seek out the interaction with your target group. The big mistake that many entrepreneurs make is that they think that the target group will find them.

Reality check: they don't.

This is how your target group will find you

Namely with what I will teach you in this course, below this text you can read how the training is put together.

Learning environment

An online learning environment with 6 modules and 21 topics in which I share everything about successfully using your Instagram to attract new followers. How do you find them? How do you make a genuine connection? How do you create that bond of trust? And what do you need to let them convert to a customer? The lessons contain videos and written text and can be followed in both English and Dutch.

Four modules

In the four modules we dive deeper into your Instagram profile, Instagram stories, valuable content, how to make the algorithm work for you and finding and attracting your ideal target audience. I teach you how to create powerful stories, how to write captions that trigger your target group and how you can actively work on the bond of trust with your potential customer.

Two bonus modules

With Instagram, many limiting beliefs and uncertainty often come to mind within you. In the bonus modules I have added special lessons for you to help you with this, so you can really take full advantage of Instagram.

And more...

The training is continuously provided with the latest information. After all, Instagram regularly adds new features. This means that new lessons will be added every once in a while. You will also receive all these updates.

Review Esther

Esther Franssen

EFD Horses 🇳🇱

“This training is really perfect for that. You start with the basics and what I really like is how Mariska knows how to make the connection between you as a person and your business. I have become much more aware of the value I have to offer and how I can use it for my business.”

Review Nienke

Nienke van Baren

Passend Paard 🇳🇱

“I decided to do this training because I just started as an entrepreneur and I have a dream. But hadn't put this on paper yet. Wow, this training gave me a lot for myself and by doing it, even more ideas and dreams came forward.

What results can you expect when you actively participate in this online training?

Review Chantal

Chantal van Delden

Bewuste Basis 🇳🇱

Mariska made me think, which allowed me to take concrete steps right away. My target audience and offer became clearer. Plus I suddenly see Mariska everywhere and I can see for myself that being visible works. This inspired me to be more visible myself and to show what I have to offer, who I am and why I do what I do.

Mariska is a very nice person, clear in her communication and professional. Mariska knows how to highlight your qualities in such a way that you can translate this into your own possibilities.”


Larissa van Renswoude

Acupressuur voor dieren 🇳🇱

“The online training gave me the freedom to do the assignments myself when I had time. The online training contains a lot of information and assignments to work out yourself. Which are discussed with a lot of time during the coaching conversations to get even more out of the training.

After this training I have become much more confident and I know where I stand now with my business. I can always hold onto these new knowledge with my next steps within my business. Mariska's knowledge is so great! She knows something for everything.”

What can you expect
from the community

Attract customers via Instagram without spending endless hours

€35 excl. VAT

I think Instagram is a very cool platform. It has given me the most awesome conversations and connections and I want the same for you. In this course you will learn exactly what I do, so that you can experience this too.

That leaves me with one last question: are you ready to grow? Are you ready to go for it? Are you an ambitious equestrian entrepreneur?

Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions? Then send me a DM on Instagram or e-mail me directly

If everything worked out, what would you do? Ask yourself that. Doubt is often a lack of confidence. You may doubt the training, but you may also doubt yourself. Especially with the last one: know that you are in control. You can get everything you want out of it. In the case of that first: share the doubt with me, I like to clear things up for you.

As long as the training exists. I find it rather odd when people guarantee lifetime access. Because do you see yourself logging in at the age of 80? I don't think so. The courses are really here for a long time. But, if I take the training offline at some point, you will be informed well in advance and from there have at least 3 months to follow it again.

You can follow the courses in Dutch and in English (both spoken and written).

After purchasing you will receive access to the training at the academy, here you can switch between Dutch or English. So you don't have to buy it in a special way.